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Saab Knutson (Legowelt)
Electronic Music From The Faroe Islands 1993
Nightwind Records
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August 27, 2015

Saab Knutson is one of many aliases adopted by Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt. Electronic Music From The Faroe Islands 1993 is a very literal title - the story goes that Wolfers, using his remote viewing powers, sent his mind back in time to 1993 to channel the music of a Faroe Islands resident called Saab Knutson. The resulting ambient tracks that make up this collection portray Saab’s fractured state of mind and are influenced by the mesmerising landscapes of the islands. But really, this is just an excuse for Legowelt to have a lot of fun with some old synthesizers.

  1. 1 The Stars Awaken 8:04
  2. 2 Music From Our Golden Age 2:03
  3. 3 Duc de Satyr Lagabo 6:13

Nightwind Records

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