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Destroy Music
Gultskra Artikler
Destroy Music
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September 2015
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Very few are as successful as Moscow-based artist Alexey Devyanin when it comes to choosing telling album (and song) titles: Destroy Music, the latest full-length from his Gultskra Artikler project, discloses its very concept with its name. Following releases for Miami’s Other Electricities and a handful of albums for German label Miasmah, Destroy Music arrives via Mexican experimental imprint Umor Rex: Devyanin deconstructs and manipulates his samples here, subjects them to multiple transformation processes before layering its broken pieces to imaginative original works. With its pitched-down vocal fragments from a distance (‘D’), cinematic gun shots (‘Destr’) and eerie dissonant synth chords in the style of John Carpenter (‘Destroy’), his sources are inexhaustible – if ever uncovered, only through multiple listens.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 D 3:01 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  2. 2 De 3:20 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  3. 3 Des 3:00 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  4. 4 Dest 4:22 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  5. 5 Destr 2:03 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  6. 6 Destro 3:06 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  7. 7 Destroy 4:20 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  8. 8 Destroy M 3:06 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  9. 9 Destroy Mu 2:40 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  10. 10 Destroy Mus 3:03 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  11. 11 Destroy Musi 2:36 Gultskra Artikler Buy
  12. 12 Destroy Music 3:15 Gultskra Artikler Buy

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