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Palace Savant
Jonas Reinhardt
Palace Savant
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September 2015
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Jonas Reinhardt returns with the stunning 'Palace Savant', inspired by the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. The ornate aesthetic and awe-inspiring settings of that landmark are manifested in numerous ways on this record. Brigade Of Midnight Minions stirs and throbs in a somewhat imposing manner while Go Sceptre Go is a far more colourful and nostalgic number with decorated high-points and crashing crescendo. On closer, Omat Principle Decay, Reinhardt turns in a delicate and cinematic composition where a mantra-like synth motif chugs along with atmospheric pads into a still and stunning finale.

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  1. 1 Old Kaizen 2:41 Jonas Reinhardt Buy
  2. 2 Brigade of Midnight Minions 3:57 Jonas Reinhardt Buy
  3. 3 Shattered Remains of Orr 6:38 Jonas Reinhardt Buy
  4. 4 Androma 4:03 Jonas Reinhardt Buy
  5. 5 Go Sceptre Go 3:45 Jonas Reinhardt Buy
  6. 6 Ecstatic Invokations 1:31 Jonas Reinhardt Buy
  7. 7 Noctornum 6:35 Jonas Reinhardt Buy
  8. 8 Omat Principle Decay 5:07 Jonas Reinhardt Buy

Jonas Reinhardt

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