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Lollopy Dripper
Lollopy Dripper
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October 2015
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Prolific percussionist, producer Burnt Friedmann and the German born, Santiago de Chile based, Atom TM (aka Uwe Schmidt) congregate once more as Flanger for this first full LP in a decade, landing down in a fug of jazz-club smoke on Friedmann's own Nonplace label. Flanger released a string of albums on Ninja Tune in the late nineties / early noughties and now find their perfect muse, influenced by the dark jazz arts brought fast forward into 2015. Both artists bring something unique to well worn jazz tropes. Friedmann - a master percussionist - winds up polyrhythmic patterns to Lollopy Dripper, inspired by West Africa, while Schmidt adds playful glitch electronics and FX (think Jan Jelinek, Pole) to a heady brew that sits strangely, beautifully into this genre of one. Also features some prime sax skronk from frequent collaborator, New Zealand's Hayden Chisholm.

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  1. 1 Onset 4:53 Flanger Buy
  2. 2 Sweet Silence 3:13 Flanger Buy
  3. 3 Heady Men 4:33 Flanger Buy
  4. 4 Körperspannung 4:29 Flanger Buy
  5. 5 Centre of Unrest 4:14 Flanger Buy
  6. 6 Spin 7:29 Flanger Buy
  7. 7 Mulch 3:04 Flanger Buy
  8. 8 They Don't Know What They Don't Know 4:26 Flanger Buy
  9. 9 Rubberhead Illusion 4:05 Flanger Buy
  10. 10 Chlorophyll Drop Shot 3:43 Flanger Buy



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