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Coherent Abstractions
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 13, 2015


New York veteran Adam X returns to L.I.E.S with his ADMX-71 project with Coherent Abstractions - a full suite expansion on the industrial downtempo styles exhibited on his 2014 The Redacted Files EP. The releases condenses the multitude of styles the New Yorker has come into contact with during stints organising raves and running legendary record label and store Sonic Groove, resulting in a melting pot of industrially-tainted electronica and 80’s referencing EBM augmented for today’s dance floors. The tense atmosphere is established through the anxious abstractions of ‘Virtuality Continuum’ and ‘Arrival Into Uncharted Territory’ before shifting to dubbier realms on ‘Neutralize & Eliminate’. ‘Conjectured State’ is the more overt reference to a post-punk aesthetic, whilst ‘Bound And Broken’ marks a rare use of vocals for a menacing, SPK-esque session. Moving towards the end, the subtle synth melody of ‘Mystical Ascent’ alludes to more up to date techno sound, whilst the spacious, stripped closer ‘MGM-41- 85’ projects boldly into the future.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Virtuality Continuum 5:17 Buy

    Virtuality Continuum

  2. 2 Arrival into Uncharted Territory 5:51 Buy

    Arrival into Uncharted Territory

  3. 3 Neutralize & Eliminate 5:00 Buy

    Neutralize & Eliminate

  4. 4 Phenomenalist 6:53 Buy
  5. 5 Conjectured State 4:59 Buy

    Conjectured State

  6. 6 Nearing Obliteratio 4:36 Buy

    Nearing Obliteratio

  7. 7 Bound & Broken (feat. Janina) 6:41 Buy

    Bound & Broken (feat. Janina)

  8. 8 My Theme Song 5:59 Buy
  9. 9 Anxious Solitude 5:22 Buy

    Anxious Solitude

  10. 10 Mystical Ascent 6:04 Buy

    Mystical Ascent

  11. 11 MGM_41-85 3:46 Buy



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