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August 28, 2015

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UK-based record label Discrepant issue the second album from Romperayo, a group led by Colombian percussionist Pedro Ojeda. The self-titled Romperayo is a solid album of psychedelic cumbia, adding a somewhat demented spin to uptempo ‘descarga’ jams and Latin American folk. Although rooted in ‘70s cumbia styles, Ojeda and co. bring in contemporary sampling techniques and electronics to bring the record bang up to date, and they present it all with a manic sense of humour.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Alegria por un zumo de naranja con panela 3:30 Buy

    Alegria por un zumo de naranja con panela

  2. 2 Tuntuna rebajada 4:01 Buy

    Tuntuna rebajada

  3. 3 El del moño rojo 4:24 Buy

    El del moño rojo

  4. 4 Icoro palenquero 4:19 Buy

    Icoro palenquero

  5. 5 El lamento de la burra 3:14 Buy

    El lamento de la burra

  6. 6 Tradicion destructiva 2:25 Buy

    Tradicion destructiva

  7. 7 17 tazas de cafe por la mañana 4:11 Buy

    17 tazas de cafe por la mañana

  8. 8 Dando vueltas en ovni 3:52 Buy

    Dando vueltas en ovni

  9. 9 Anibal, vuelvelo a meter 4:34 Buy

    Anibal, vuelvelo a meter

  10. 10 Afterparis en colegios 4:36 Buy

    Afterparis en colegios

  11. 11 Diadema para Catalina 2:24 Buy

    Diadema para Catalina

  12. 12 La linerna del Repele 3:07 Buy

    La linerna del Repele



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