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OZmotic & Fennesz
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August 2015
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This very exciting concept album is the brainchild of Austrian guitar mastermind Fennesz and Turin based duo Ozmotic. As others before, they imagined a fictional post-anthropocene scenario as a starting point — in other words a world within which the human impact on the earth’s ecosystems wouldn’t be detectable anymore. Aireffect is a sound story of cinematic quality you’ve never heard before. Throughout the album, urban field recordings from in and around Turin appear as documentation of our current anthropocene times. With Stanislao Lesnoj’s saxophone playing, Ozmotic infuse jazz elements into the abstract narratives, whereas Fennesz accounts for most of the ambient sound design.

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  1. 1 Ferment_action 6:15 OZmotic & Fennesz Buy
  2. 2 Hydro(p)s 6:09 OZmotic & Fennesz Buy
  3. 3 Run to Ruin 6:30 OZmotic & Fennesz Buy
  4. 4 Anthropocene 7:56 OZmotic & Fennesz Buy
  5. 5 Liquid Mrkt 6:57 OZmotic & Fennesz Buy
  6. 6 Clone 15.26 6:33 OZmotic & Fennesz Buy
  7. 7 Epilogo 5:24 OZmotic & Fennesz Buy

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