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Inside Nomine
Inside Nomine
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September 2015
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Making good on a promising run of murky, spaced-out singles for Tempa, Nomine turns in this effective, pared-down debut. As the opening vocal samples and dubbed-up instrumental of Blind Man demonstrates, the essential elements of dubstep are at the fore here. Lomine plays with a palette of deep bass throbs, blissed-out melodies and ethereal atmospherics to create a dubstep-rooted LP that effortlessly transcends the genre tag. Learning from forefathers like Mala and even some of the Hyperdub camp, Inside Nomine is – as the title suggests – a complete body of work, exploring and presenting this producer’s sonic standpoint.

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  1. 1 Reticent Shadow 1:54 Nomine Buy
  2. 2 Blind Man 5:41 Nomine Buy
  3. 3 84600 4:04 Nomine Buy
  4. 4 Menacer 6:12 Nomine Buy
  5. 5 Hide and Seek 5:00 Nomine Buy
  6. 6 Zing (Interlude) 0:48 Nomine Buy
  7. 7 Shockwaves 6:07 Nomine featuring Rayne Buy
  8. 8 Awakening 5:06 Nomine Buy
  9. 9 Nomine's Ego 4:39 Nomine Buy
  10. 10 Stickman 5:12 Nomine Buy
  11. 11 D Minor (Interlude) 2:03 Nomine Buy
  12. 12 Dark Is the Night 3:07 Nomine featuring x=x Buy
  13. 13 Zen Force 3:59 Nomine Buy
  14. 14 Confusion 5:30 Nomine Buy



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