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Michael Beharie
Astro Nautico
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July 2015
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Brooklyn’s Astro Nautico welcome local talent Michael Beharie who presents his beautifully intricate Lace EP. Following his work as half of the pop duo Tezeo, his solo debut on Ohio label Shinkoyo as well as a mixtape in 2014, Lace is another example of his many talents as both a producer and guitarist: pairing detailed 808 beats with Jamaican dub, African percussion and classical guitar, he creates a unique world of sound. His productions come as 4-to-the-floor house (‘Cans’) and comfortably drifting hip hop rhythms (‘Kathka Stain’): while his beatscapes may defy any singular categorisation, they sit well next to artists like Photay or Time Wharp on the Astro Nautico roster.

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  1. 1 Damion 3:27 Michael Beharie Buy
  2. 2 Khatka Stain 3:49 Michael Beharie Buy
  3. 3 Estella 2:30 Michael Beharie Buy
  4. 4 Cans 3:36 Michael Beharie Buy
  5. 5 Cradle 3:14 Michael Beharie Buy

Michael Beharie

Astro Nautico

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