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Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz (N.M.O)
Natalia Martínez Ordoñez
Where To Now?
Catalogue Number
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August 19, 2015


UK-based imprint Where To Now? continues to go from strength to strength, this time delivering a highly engaging, conceptual self-titled piece from Death Of Rave signee Natalia Martínez Ordóñez (N.M.O). The piece acts as a critique, exploration and deconstruction of genrefication based on BPM; beginning at a steady 60bpm tick-tock and gradually accelerating the pace to much racier realms. The effect the discordant blips and dry snare rolls causes is intoxicating and unsettling, evoking the feeling of a boulder rolling down hill, building momentum and reaching an runaway terminal velocity, at which point the snares take on a militaristic essence and the atonal electronics are straight out of the worst trip imaginable. Condensed from a one hour live performance, this piece is a vital obliteration on one of the most concrete classifiers in electronic music.

  1. 1 Side 1 2:00
  2. 2 Side 2 2:00

Where To Now?

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Experimental House and Techno

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