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Heathered Pearls
Body Complex
Ghostly International
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 7, 2015

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On Body Complex Heathered Pearls (aka Ghostly head of A&R Jakub Alexander) has set out to capture that feeling of 7 AM trips home after a night at a rave and across the ten tracks here he comes very close to capturing that vibe perfectly. Opening with the soft pads of Cast in Lemon & Sand the LP slowly lifts off before the seductive ambient house Sunken Living Area brings the drums into place. The dreamlike haze of that post-club 7 AM walk /first/last bus / taxi ride home perfectly continues into the dub house Interior Architecture Software where AI synths and half-heard drums snake through the back of the sound field. Personal Kiosk takes things into a more slinky euphoric territory while Holographic Lodge ends the first half of the album on an 8 AM tired-eyes smudged number. LP highlight Abandoned Mall Utopia picks up the pace with a reverb-drenched euphoric house shuffler while the rest of the album drifts between half awake/half asleep drone excursions and last-tune-of-the-night up for it peaks. A fine continuation of the linage of post-party explorative electronic albums from Bytes to Amber and beyond. Turn on and fall into the half-awake dreamlike glaze Body Complex will paint across everything around you.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Cast in Lemon & Sand Heathered Pearls 1:44 Buy

    Cast in Lemon & Sand

  2. 2 Sunken Living Area Heathered Pearls 4:23 Buy

    Sunken Living Area

  3. 3 Interior Architecture Software Heathered Pearls 4:26 Buy

    Interior Architecture Software

  4. 4 Personal Kiosk Heathered Pearls feat. The Sight Below 4:48 Buy
  5. 5 Holographic Lodge Heathered Pearls 3:51 Buy

    Holographic Lodge

  6. 6 Abandoned Mall Utopia Heathered Pearls feat. Shigeto 5:42 Buy

    Abandoned Mall Utopia

  7. 7 Perfume Catalogue Heathered Pearls 4:08 Buy

    Perfume Catalogue

  8. 8 Artificial Foliage Heathered Pearls 2:04 Buy

    Artificial Foliage

  9. 9 Warm Air Estate Heathered Pearls feat. Outerbridge 4:16 Buy
  10. 10 Thought Palace Heathered Pearls 3:04 Buy

Heathered Pearls

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