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Sam Andreae
Tombed Visions Records
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May 2015
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Sam Andreae, the Macclesfield-based saxophonist presents Solo, presents a 13-track exploiration of the sonic possibilities at the extreme end of the jazz spectrum. Each track focuses on a unique and distinctive set of parameters described by track titles. Compiled using an assortment of different microphone placements, a no input mixer, an assortment of live digital processing software and the expertise of recording engineer Jon Tipler and technician Rodrigo Constanzo Overall, this truly original release highlights just how masterful Andreae's knowledge of the saxophone is.

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  1. 1 Electric (Feedback, Mixer, Voice) 4:02 Sam Andreae Buy
  2. 2 Acoustic (Mouth, Tongue, Keys) 3:32 Sam Andreae Buy
  3. 3 Electro-Acoustic (Breath, Feedback, Panning) 1:55 Sam Andreae Buy
  4. 4 Electro-Acoustic (Breath, Feedback, keys) 2:52 Sam Andreae Buy
  5. 5 Acoustic (Breath, Tongue, Mute) 1:41 Sam Andreae Buy
  6. 6 Acoustic (Breath, Keys, Mute) 4:32 Sam Andreae Buy
  7. 7 acoustic (Breath, Keys, Mute) 3:54 Sam Andreae Buy
  8. 8 Electric (Feedback, Panning, Keys) 1:56 Sam Andreae Buy
  9. 9 Electric-Acoustic (Feedback, Panning, Breath, Keys, Tongue) 3:25 Sam Andreae Buy
  10. 10 Electro-Acoustic (Feedback, Mixer, Breath, Keys, Tongue) 1:55 Sam Andreae Buy
  11. 11 Acoustic (Tongue, Keys, Breath, Mute) 4:35 Sam Andreae Buy
  12. 12 Electro-Acoustic (Breath, Feedback, Panning, Mixer) 2:42 Sam Andreae Buy
  13. 13 Acoustic (Mute, Without Mouthpiece, Keys) 8:21 Sam Andreae Buy

Sam Andreae

Tombed Visions Records

Experimental and Noise

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