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Suzanne Kraft
Talk From Home
Melody As Truth
Catalogue Number
Release Date
28 augusztus 2015


Blissed out new age rooted electronica from Suzanne Kraft. Following a mini-album on Gerd Janson’s Running Back imprint, Diego Herrera readopts his alter-ego for this intimate and subtle LP revolving around throwback synth compositions and Balearic production patterns. Breathy vocals, sultry melodies and a laid-back disposition which makes for ideal morning-after listening. Having dabbled through areas of lo-fi nu-disco and off-centre house, this LP finds the Suzanne Kraft experience at its most comfortable and its most effortlessly enjoyable.

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 Two Chord Wake 4:58 Vásárlás
  2. 2 Never Heated 5:50 Vásárlás
  3. 3 Flatiron 7:00 Vásárlás
  4. 4 Renee Sleeping 4:09 Vásárlás
  5. 5 Talk from Home 3:58 Vásárlás
  6. 6 Male Intuition 3:50 Vásárlás
  7. 7 The Result 7:35 Vásárlás

Suzanne Kraft

Melody As Truth

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