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Sleaford Mods
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Harbinger Sound
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July 2015
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The Mods return with twelve tracks of the tough hip-hop/avant-punk led street sound they have made their own. Opening with a recording of fans chanting the groups name before someone shouts over the top "you ***t!" it's not seconds before the trademark post-punk growling bassline kicks in the door and Jason Williamson's aural assault kicks in in full effect. There is no huge departure from the sounds of previous LP's but the austere tough framework composed by Andrew Fearn is as tight as ever and keeps the rolling rhythms that will stick in your mind for days to come while Williamson's psychedelic streetwise talk is as on-point and as fully focused as ever. On Tarantula Deadly Cargo the beats and bass could be lifted from The Fall circa 79 while the vocals are barked in a slower style before the cheese bloke from Blur gets a pasting on LP highlight Rupert Trousers. This is the third (or is it eight?) album form the mighty Sleaford Mods and is a perfect reminder that they show no sign of slowing down and are more relevant than ever.

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  1. 1 Live Tonight 3:11 Sleaford Mods Buy
  2. 2 No One's Bothered 2:52 Sleaford Mods Buy
  3. 3 Bronx In A Six 3:34 Sleaford Mods Buy
  4. 4 Silly Me 3:14 Sleaford Mods Buy
  5. 5 Cunt Make It Up 2:30 Sleaford Mods Buy
  6. 6 Face To Faces 3:23 Sleaford Mods Buy
  7. 7 Arabia 3:01 Sleaford Mods Buy
  8. 8 In Quiet Streets 4:15 Sleaford Mods Buy
  9. 9 Tarantula Deadly Cargo 3:21 Sleaford Mods Buy
  10. 10 Rupert Trousers 3:13 Sleaford Mods Buy
  11. 11 Giddy On The Ciggies 4:14 Sleaford Mods Buy
  12. 12 The Blob 2:33 Sleaford Mods Buy

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