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May 2015
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Mastered by legendary London-based engineer Noel Summerville, Warp alumnus Sote (aka Ata Ebtekar) raises the curtain on this frenetic exploration into the upper-limits of experimental electronica. Arrhythmia - by definition - is a condition where the human heart beats at an irregular or abnormal rhythm. Ebtekar has managed to capture this polyrhythmic motion immaculately on record. From the industrial pandemonium of Exciters to the fuzzy stripped-back buffering of Meteora, the record is heavy and unabating but completely cohesive throughout. By the time the auditory assault relents on Spundae, the album has blurred in to one amorphous but addictive experience.

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  1. 1 Exciters 4:19 Sote Buy
  2. 2 Doid 6:37 Sote Buy
  3. 3 Pep 3:49 Sote Buy
  4. 4 Tabula Rasa 1:07 Sote Buy
  5. 5 mbLFO 4:45 Sote Buy
  6. 6 Meteora 5:25 Sote Buy
  7. 7 Lacuna 6:33 Sote Buy
  8. 8 Spundae 4:03 Sote Buy


Record Label Records

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