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There Is No Enduring Self
DMX Krew
There Is No Enduring Self
Breakin Records
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August 2015
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Mystic & Quantum unveil a new album from DMX Krew. Inspired by the enlightening powers of the Buddhist faith, the LP is a soaring and kaleidoscopic mix of electronic composition and spiritually-reawakened production. Cinematic and theatrical while remaining humanistic and genuine, There Is No Enduring Self is a real triumph. From the simplicity of Buddha Nature to the sinister digital journeying of The Middle Path, the illuminated foundations of the record make for a piece of work that sounds like nothing else. A standout release since the inception of Mystic & Quantum last year.

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  1. 1 Buddha Nature 4:57 DMX Krew Buy
  2. 2 If You Love, Love Openly 4:27 DMX Krew Buy
  3. 3 No Water No Moon 2:48 DMX Krew Buy
  4. 4 The Eightfold Way 2:11 DMX Krew Buy
  5. 5 Expanding Consciousness 2:52 DMX Krew Buy
  6. 6 Moment of Enlightenment 3:05 DMX Krew Buy
  7. 7 Wheel of Truth 2:59 DMX Krew Buy
  8. 8 The Middle Path 3:59 DMX Krew Buy
  9. 9 Yashodara 2:54 DMX Krew Buy
  10. 10 Journey to the West 4:28 DMX Krew Buy

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