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Glenn Astro
Tartelet Records
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Release Date
June 8, 2015


Copenhagen’s Tartelet Records uphold their reputation for promoting exciting fresh talent. Following his Chemistry EP, the Danish label now presents the full-length debut of Glenn Astro from Essen, West Germany. The producer makes instrumental beatscapes that can be placed within the trajectory of hip hop, yet infuses his arrangements with a crisp dose of jazz elements, but in a much tidier way than any of the Brainfeeder releases, and often unnoticeably shifting to infectious house rhythms (‘Computerkiller’, ‘You Can’t Groove’). Besides vivid bass lines and mellow saxophones, the Fender Rhodes is a reoccurring character on Throwback, creating that ambience-defining glimmer.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Goneville Glenn Astro feat. Max Graef 3:25 Buy
  2. 2 Computer Killer Glenn Astro 4:54 Buy

    Computer Killer

  3. 3 Throwback Glenn Astro 4:33 Buy
  4. 4 Shit iz Real Glenn Astro 0:59 Buy
  5. 5 (Forgotten Intro) 4 My Peeps Glenn Astro 3:11 Buy

    (Forgotten Intro) 4 My Peeps

  6. 6 Bochum Glenn Astro feat. IMYRMIND 4:24 Buy
  7. 7 You Can't Groove Glenn Astro 4:21 Buy

    You Can't Groove

  8. 8 To the Beat Interloot Glenn Astro 0:45 Buy

    To the Beat Interloot

  9. 9 Still Shining Glenn Astro 3:07 Buy
  10. 10 Kilometer Disco Glenn Astro feat. Max Graef 4:44 Buy

    Kilometer Disco

  11. 11 Ødland Glenn Astro 2:46 Buy
  12. 12 One for Viktor Glenn Astro 4:36 Buy

    One for Viktor

  13. 13 Long Live Human (One for Sveta) Glenn Astro 2:42 Buy

    Long Live Human (One for Sveta)

  14. 14 A Bit Warmer Glenn Astro 5:39 Buy
  15. 15 Brother T (Greeting to Rasho) Glenn Astro 1:29 Buy

    Brother T (Greeting to Rasho)

Glenn Astro

Tartelet Records

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