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Off-Peak OST
Archie Pelago
Off-Peak OST
Archie Pelago Music
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June 2015
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The jazz-infused soundtrack for video game Off-Peak was created by house trio Archie Pegalo to provide backing for a dystopian charged video-game adventure created by Pelago’s own Cosmo D. From the opening hubbub of the game’s train station setting to the lengthy but rewarding electronics played out on Revealed featuring Novelty Daughter- this soundtrack is a highly idealised and hugely creative release which works effortlessly in tandem with Cosmo’s digital adventure-land.

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  1. 1 Intro - Welcome to the Station 1:32 Archie Pelago Buy
  2. 2 Frogphone 6:32 Archie Pelago Buy
  3. 3 Mortified by Faith featuring Novelty Daughter 9:11 Archie Pelago Buy
  4. 4 Fick Yer Mini featuring Novelty Daugther 5:26 Archie Pelago Buy
  5. 5 Interlude - Saturn in a Fungi Forest 2:16 Archie Pelago Buy
  6. 6 Level Design - Sheet Music 5:03 Archie Pelago Buy
  7. 7 Revealed featuring Novelty Daughter 9:57 Archie Pelago Buy
  8. 8 Arcology 6:35 Archie Pelago Buy
  9. 9 Interlude - Spelunking the Maintenance Shafts 2:52 Archie Pelago Buy
  10. 10 Panopticon 7:03 Archie Pelago Buy
  11. 11 Memos 5:06 Archie Pelago Buy
  12. 12 Satisfied Consumer featuring Gabriel Garzón-Montano 6:56 Archie Pelago Buy
  13. 13 Interloper featuring Novelty Daughter (Bonus Track) 6:05 Archie Pelago Buy

Archie Pelago

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