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Project Mooncircle
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July 2015
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Deceptikon returns with this beautifully subdued foray into downtempo electronica and flickering beats. Having spent a total of 3 years putting the LP together, the sounds of Presidio sound polished and carefully calculated with a strong compositional thread throughout. The Seattle-based producer described the record as more of a “home listening” LP. By subscribing to a mantra of shutting out trends of the electronic zeitgeist, tracks like Found Message and Waking Up Franklin sound isolated and shut-off. Built from a mixture of introspection and a oneness with the elements, Deceptikon’s Presidio is a refined and remarkably organic record.

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  1. 1 From Time From Time 3:54 Deceptikon Buy
  2. 2 Lonely Winter 4:26 Deceptikon Buy
  3. 3 In Watermelon Sugar 4:48 Deceptikon Buy
  4. 4 Found Message 3:11 Deceptikon Buy
  5. 5 Hisashiburi / Missing You 4:37 Deceptikon Buy
  6. 6 Disk From 01 5:23 Deceptikon Buy
  7. 7 1878 4:32 Deceptikon Buy
  8. 8 Vancouver Disco 5:09 Deceptikon Buy
  9. 9 Walking Up Franklin 5:01 Deceptikon Buy
  10. 10 Burning Daruma 4:40 Deceptikon Buy
  11. 11 Starting With A 5:21 Deceptikon Buy

Project Mooncircle

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