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Heitor Alvelos
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June 2015
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Faith is the first full-length release for the media researcher and curator Heitor Alvelos. Having worked previously under the aliases Autodigest, Antifluffy and Before Surgery on the labels Ash International, TouchRadio and The Tapeworm, Alvelos decided to use his own name on this release to represent its autobiographical nature. This intense, abstract drone work is hypnotic in nature. All sound used on the release derive from the last five decades of Avelos’s recordings and productions, moulded into this evocative composition of dark tonal works.

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  1. 1 Errant 1:01 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  2. 2 Exodus 1:42 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  3. 3 Edict 0:54 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  4. 4 Alluvion 4:09 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  5. 5 Pseudoself 8:05 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  6. 6 Vicarious Solace 0:54 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  7. 7 The Way of Malamat 10:06 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  8. 8 Peirasmos 2:37 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  9. 9 The Other 5:52 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  10. 10 Home, Elicited 0:28 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  11. 11 The Hopeful Night 4:08 Heitor Alvelos Buy
  12. 12 Dedication 0:17 Heitor Alvelos Buy


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