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Merry May
Merry May
Folklore Tapes
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 2015
  • Box Set, Box Set

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    • + MP3
    • Pink cassette housed inside an embossed box
    • Includes 20 page research booklet that includes an essay on May Day and artwork by David Chatton Barker
    • A cutting of May pole ribbon
    • Download card redeemable from the label

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Folklore Tapes emerge from the depths of winter to celebrate May day with a beautifully hand-crafted boxset and endearing compilation featuring a rare appearance from James Cargill's Children Of Alice project, Liverpool psyche heads Carl Turney & Brian Campbell, label owners David Orphan and Ian Humberstone as well as long time associates Sam Mcloughlin, Rob St John and more. May day is the annual turning of the seasons from Winter to Spring and in truest Folklore form they have chosen to celebrate this with 'Merry May' almost acting as a companion piece to the Fore Hallowe'en boxset Merry May is packed with tracks of uplifting warmth. Opener 'SumerIsIcumenIn' blends field recordings (in the truest sense of the word) of church bells and bird song with beautifully composed flutes in the finest Wicker Man stylings this side of Summerisle while Children Of Alice's 'Rite of the Maypole: An Unruly Procession' blends age-old traditional instrumentation with more modern compositions to create a wonderful piece of experimental library music. An audiological journey through the countryside on a Spring morning taking in the May day traditions of old, in the words of the label; Unite and unite and let us all unite, for summer is a-come unto day, and whither we are going we will all unite, in the merry morning of May.

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  1. 1 SumerIsIcumenIn 6:00 Carl Turney & Brian Campbell Buy
  2. 2 Beltane, Isle of Mull: Need-Fire and Milking Cows Through Cake 5:05 The Blue Funz Buy
  3. 3 Minehead Hobby Horse 3:41 Arianne Churchman Buy
  4. 4 Bringing in the May 4:59 Rob St John Buy
  5. 5 The Hunting of the Earl of Rone 2:18 Ian Humberstone Buy
  6. 6 Wish Before Sunrise (May Dewing) 5:43 Mary & David Buy
  7. 7 Rite of the Maypole: An Unruly Procession 6:48 Children of Alice Buy
  8. 8 I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think 3:33 Sam McLoughlin Buy
  9. 9 Hawthorne 3:34 Malcolm Benzie Buy

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