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Der Zyklus
Clone Aqualung Series
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May 2015
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Clone continue their extensive research into the deep underwater world of Drexciya and their various shadowy transformations with this timely reissue of the classic and long out of print Der Zyklus LP Biometry produced by Heinrich Mueller. Moving away from the more dancefloor-focused tracks of previous Der Zyklus releases, Biometry finds Mueller in a contemplative mood, crafting more abstract and industrial rooted electro pieces that focus more on the mind than the floor. There is an ever-growing feeling throughout that things could dive into darker waters at any second as found on Polar Coordinates which could be lifted from AFX's Analord series which started life a few months after the release of Biometry leaving us to wonder if the two were in communication around this time or if they both came to produce similar strains of innovative moody and despondent material via different unconnected means. There are all the trademarks of the classic Drexciyan sound throughout as with the under sea disturbances found within Iris/Retinal Scanning or Eigenface (Facial Asymetry) which could be easily be a dub mix of Wavejumper as reissued in the Aqualung series. Biometry is the nighttime soundtrack to follow days spent lounging in the Laptop Café and is another unforgettable piece in the Drexciya puzzle that upon hearing will leave you gasping for air and a little closer to uncovering the secrets deep within the mysterious aquatic world of Drexciya.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Biometry 5:18 Der Zyklus Buy
  2. 2 Polar Coordinates 6:24 Der Zyklus Buy
  3. 3 Eigenface (Facial Asymetry) 5:05 Der Zyklus Buy
  4. 4 Biometric ID 5:23 Der Zyklus Buy
  5. 5 Biometric Systems 4:04 Der Zyklus Buy
  6. 6 Facial Vectors 9:16 Der Zyklus Buy
  7. 7 Hand Geometry 3:12 Der Zyklus Buy
  8. 8 Recognition Time 3:52 Der Zyklus Buy
  9. 9 Iris/Retinal Scanning 3:18 Der Zyklus Buy
  10. 10 Optical Fingerprint Correlation 2:20 Der Zyklus Buy
  11. 11 4000 Irises (2000) Persons Max. 4:30 Der Zyklus Buy

Der Zyklus

Clone Aqualung Series

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Electro and Acid

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