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All In All
Cio D'or
All In All
Catalogue Number
Release Date
July 2015

Shadowy German DJ & producer Cio D’or debuts on Sverca’s Semantica Records label with All In All, her second LP coming after her arresting 2009 Prologue full length Die Fraser. Underpinned by a darkened, dub-inflicted sound, Cio D’or’s immersive sound environments stalk similar territory to that of her contemporaries Mike Parker, Giorgio Gigly or Donato Dozzy. Although, All In All puts a heavier influence on darker shades of drone, starting with the clouded, eerie tones of ‘After And Before’, followed by the rolling, hypnotic pulse of ‘Tomorrow Was Yesterday’. ‘Now And Then’ abridges harrowing textures to lighter piano keys for an interesting clash of textures, chased by the mind warping, enveloping ‘XXXIII’ and more minimalistic, organic sounds of ‘XI’. Captivating synths swirl all around on ‘XLIV’ –a homage to Mike Parker, followed exploits of more abstract rhythmic structures on ‘XXII’ – rounding off a piece that reaffirms the artist’s position as one of the most interesting purveyors of transcendent, experimental techno.


  1. After & Before
  2. Now Is Ever
  3. Now & Then
  4. Zepto
  6. XI
  7. XLIV For Mike
  8. XXII
  9. Hecto
  10. Yotta
  11. Yocta
  12. Tomorrow Was Yesterday
  1. 1 After & Before Cio D'or 1:30
  2. 2 Now Is Ever Cio D'or 1:30
  3. 3 Now & Then Cio D'or 1:30

Cio D'or


Dancefloor and Techno

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