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Plot Defender
Plot Defender
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 2015
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Cambridge producer Dave Henson readopts the Nochexxx moniker for this followup to 2014’s Thrusters LP on Ramp Recordings. Plot Defender draws from a world of influences. Henson channels punk sentiments alongside the sounds of industrial North England techno and upbeat Detroit hustle. The sounds of the album are unpolished and raw creating a sense of uncut composition and DIY production. Tracks like Coin Collector and Arbury Flowers mix party-starting hooks with fire-starting drums to bring forward a hybridised sound like no other. Henson’s reputation as an off-centre force in European electronica will only be strengthened by this LP.

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  1. 1 Clipped Butterfly 5:25 Nochexxx
  2. 2 Infected Butterfly 4:27 Nochexxx
  3. 3 The Box 1:11 Nochexxx
  4. 4 Between Two Stations 4:24 Nochexxx
  5. 5 Leading Bleeds 4:34 Nochexxx
  6. 6 Plot Defender 4:26 Nochexxx
  7. 7 Arbury Flowers 3:39 Nochexxx
  8. 8 Jungle Crash 4:19 Nochexxx
  9. 9 Last Club On Da Left 5:43 Nochexxx
  10. 10 Rusted Pheonix 5:33 Nochexxx
  11. 11 Coin Collector 4:10 Nochexxx
  12. 12 Stinson Fish 4:34 Nochexxx
  13. 13 Death Wobbles 4:08 Nochexxx
  14. 14 Switch Countach 5:07 Nochexxx



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