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Spectrum Spools
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June 8, 2015

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A blinding new LP of abstract industrial noise-flavoured techno from Container returning to show everyone how it's done properly. Having caught our attention back in 2011 with his first LP for Spectrum Spools, Container releases are always cause for celebration around these parts and this new extended session (also cheekily titled LP) does the damage in the most caustic way imaginable. LP is possibly Container's most precise vision yet of the mutant noise techno variants he crafts out of his well-oiled machines, much like his previous releases LP contains a healthy dose of crunchy beats and raw abstract synth scapes all produced with his brutal ear for sound, and engineered to cause maximum devastation wherever they are deployed. Firing up with Eject, a greyscale psychedelia cut that could be Sandwell District's post-punk rewound 2 years and cutting the post it's clear this is something special. Swiftly moving towards the rattle 'n' roll of Remover there's no time to gasp for air as the track cuts to Cushion's serving of a fistful of acid downed with a cement mixers worth of bleach. Things go proper nuts on Appliance where the R2D2 drum machine starts break-dancing at a million miles an hour and the techno goes out the window in favor of a hip-hop swagger with extra feedback dominating on the brain-flossing closer Calibrate. All in all LP is seven tracks expertly blending first-wave industrial-rooted extreme stylings with a healthy don't-give-a-f*ck attitude that's absent from a lot of the more extreme techno currently circulating; and whereas there is a lot of the noisy 4x4 stuff around at the mo, rest assured Container is the real deal. Like a dream hook-up between Jamal Moss and Russell Haswell, LP is an adrenaline-filled teeth-grinding ride from start to finish and a killer slab of train-crash techno that's gonna blow everyone on the floor's head's off in the hands of the right DJ, approach with caution.

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