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The Baltika Years
Ben Zimmerman
The Baltika Years
Software Recording Co.
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June 2015
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Software dig deep with this archival issue of abstract electronic recordings produced on a Tandy DeskMate computer between 92 and 02 by NYC artist Ben Zimmerman. The Baltika Years is one of the most unique and nuts things you are likely to hear this year, all recorded on a defunct computer with limited resources, this LP is a massive prop to Ben Zimmerman for his ear for creativity and ability to make the most out of the tiniest of set ups, each track sounds like it is about to fall apart while it's being played but also acts as a strict lesson in minimal composition. This could be the sound of Oneohtrix Point Never producing sci-fi soundtracks in the 80s or just as easily an archive of tapes dug up by the rare record detectives at Trunk. A perfectly crafted mixture of abstract experimentation and obsession with making something not just for appreciating but for enjoying. All in all a healthy dose of electronica with a DIY-punk aesthetic.

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  1. 1 Phyllis 21:46 Ben Zimmerman Buy
  2. 2 For Mimi pt. 1 1:50 Ben Zimmerman Buy
  3. 3 For Mimi pt. 2 0:25 Ben Zimmerman Buy
  4. 4 For Mimi pt. 3 1:57 Ben Zimmerman Buy
  5. 5 For Mimi pt. 4 2:37 Ben Zimmerman Buy
  6. 6 For Mimi pt. 5 2:09 Ben Zimmerman Buy
  7. 7 The Scream 0:48 Ben Zimmerman Buy
  8. 8 Housed! 1:45 Ben Zimmerman Buy
  9. 9 Tropical Den 0:11 Ben Zimmerman Buy
  10. 10 99th Street 0:57 Ben Zimmerman Buy
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