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Communist Dub
Communist Dub
Editions Mego
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May 2015
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Former Pan Sonic member Ilpo Väisänen unleashes new LP Communist Dub for Editions Mego under the I-LP-O IN DUB alias, ten tracks of icy abstract dubwise electronics in their truest form. Following his legendary recordings as Pan Sonic with Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen has kept his solo output to a small number of releases favoring substance over output and having each one crafted to perfection and Communist Dub is no exception to the rule. Picking up where those near mythical Liima Versions 10"s left off from 2001 Communist Dub is a stripped back affair of robotic mutations channeling the sharpest M series drums and harking back to Prince Far I's Cry Tuff Dub Encounter series, deep, hypnotic dub-rooted electronica that we can't recommend enough. Stick on, tune in and drop out.

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  1. 1 Gulag General 3:00 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy
  2. 2 Father Sun Rudealis 7:55 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy
  3. 3 Donbass Hybrid 3:42 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy
  4. 4 Crocodile Submerged 6:14 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy
  5. 5 Donetsk Diciplies 4:49 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy
  6. 6 Kolyma Stoned -36 9:05 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy
  7. 7 Rudealis Dub 6:06 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy
  8. 8 Vorkuta Ground Pipe 2:59 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy
  9. 9 Uncle Ho Sticks 5:36 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy
  10. 10 Benghazi Affair 7:48 I-LP-O IN DUB Buy


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