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Marble Index
Marble Index
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April 2015

Timely reissue of Nico's frozen masterpiece the Marble Index, originally released in 1968 it's remarkable how ahead of its time this LP was, paving the way to the post-punk of 78' and beyond and still name-checked in modern underground circles, from the shadowy techno of the Frozen Border imprint to the darkside electronics of Paper Dollhouse. Recorded by Nico and arranged by her former Velvets group mate John Cale over the course of two days the eight tracks here craft a bleak and desolate landscape with spooky melodies and gothic undertones, the final recordings when played to Nico had her burst into tears due to her feelings of it being ''oh so beautiful' which when you hear the album as a whole, you may find it hard not to agree.

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  1. 1 Prelude 0:21 Nico
  2. 2 Lawns Of Dawns 1:00 Nico
  3. 3 No One Is There 1:00 Nico
  4. 4 Ari's Song 1:00 Nico
  5. 5 Facing The Wind 1:00 Nico
  6. 6 Julius Ceaser (Memento Hoodie) 1:00 Nico
  7. 7 Frozen Warning 1:00 Nico
  8. 8 Evening Of Light 1:00 Nico


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