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GRM Works
Beatriz Ferreyra
GRM Works
Recollection GRM
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April 2015
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A release for the Argentine electroacoustic composer Beatriz Ferreyra on the Editions Mega label Recollection GRM. This selection of experimental, electronic, musique concrete works for the musician who has worked alongside the likes of Pierre Schaeffer, collects a selection of sound montages from Ferreyra’s back-catalogue, and are mastered by Rashad Becker. ‘Demeures aquatiques’ is a beautifully rounded piece created out of sound sources including classical instruments, metal sheets and glass rods, whilst ‘Médisances’ is produced from orchestral instruments, a mouth bow and breath.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Demeures aquatiques Beatriz Ferreyra 7:32
  2. 2 Un fil invisible Beatriz Ferreyra 17:58
  3. 3 Medisances Beatriz Ferreyra 7:01
  4. 4 Les Larmes de l'inconnu Beatriz Ferreyra 18:31

Recollection GRM

Early Electronics

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