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It Might Never Happen
John Callaghan
It Might Never Happen
Uncharted Audio
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November 2007
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John Callaghan follows on from where his work on Warp begun. Eccentric and artfully pop songs that are high on classic pop melody, with plenty of smart electronic concepts and whimsical introverted lyrics. The tunes are all here, traces of Depeche mode and the Beatles sit easily with Callaghan's emotive experimentation. A very nice album.

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  1. 1 Deja You 3:01 John Callaghan Buy
  2. 2 Tear my Body Out 6:08 John Callaghan Buy
  3. 3 Sunlight for the Soul 4:54 John Callaghan Buy
  4. 4 Femme Fatale 5:30 John Callaghan Buy
  5. 5 My Last Balloon 6:39 John Callaghan Buy
  6. 6 You get me Down 3:15 John Callaghan Buy
  7. 7 This Time Next Year 5:15 John Callaghan Buy
  8. 8 How on Earth did you get in that Dress? 4:34 John Callaghan Buy
  9. 9 Sleepy 9:39 John Callaghan Buy
  10. 10 Cuts Both Ways (or Not Heartbroken Yet) 5:19 John Callaghan Buy

John Callaghan

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