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Glass Piano (Digital Bonus Track Edition)
Bruce Brubaker
Glass Piano (Digital Bonus Track Edition)
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June 2015
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Stunning interpretations of minimalist works by Philip Glass by Bruce Brubaker for InFine including a stunning digital only remix from Plaid available exclusively on Bleep. Bruce Brubaker is a classical pianist known for his four albums released by Arabesque Recordings between the early to late 2000's, having taken a break from recording he is back on new home InFine who are going through a purple patch (following the Visions Of Dune reissue and Downliners Sekt LP) Having welcomed him with open arms Brubaker has produced an LP of subtle, beautifully composed interpretations of works by the legendary minimalist composer Philip Glass. The results are evocative of solo, warm summer evenings in, and late night sessions gazing out of windows at the sky. If this does not sound like something you can imagine, give the LP a whirl for some real transportation time. Picking up where the after-thought electronic ambience buried in Glass's "Low" Symphony left off, legendary Warp group Plaid have stepped in for a rare appearance on remix duties taking Metamorphosis 5's broken-hearted piano down a glitch steppers route while keeping the delicate breaking glass in your room again feeling in full effect, one of the finest moments from Plaid (and we don't say that lightly!) for a long time and a must-check track for anyone into the never heard echos of AFX's Avril 14th. Glass Piano is an LP that deserves attention no matter what you are into or what corner of the record shop you are exploring.

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  1. 1 Mad Rush 16:58 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  2. 2 Metamorphosis 1 6:27 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  3. 3 Metamorphosis 2 7:09 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  4. 4 Metamorphosis 3 5:11 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  5. 5 Metamorphosis 4 6:09 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  6. 6 Metamorphosis 5 4:48 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  7. 7 Knee Play 4 7:27 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  8. 8 Opening 6:31 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  9. 9 Wichita Vortex Sutra 8:32 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  10. 10 Evening Song 8:40 Bruce Brubaker Buy
  11. 11 Metamorphosis 5 (Plaid Remix) 4:27 Bruce Brubaker

Bruce Brubaker


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