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Modern Dance
Pere Ubu
Modern Dance
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March 2015
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The 1978 debut from US art-punk outfit Pere Ubu. It is a thrillingly off-kilter release with shapeless melodies and scatty instrumentation embodying the underground rock sound that the Cleveland outfit centred around. Cuts like Street Waves and Life Stinks flaunt all the finest in rock’s more riot-starting sensibilities. Howling, preacher-like vocal performances springing from jittery live band work. The vision of the LP is summed up perfectly by the closer- petty teenage angst battles against a hypnotic droning din.

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  1. 1 Non-Alignment Pact 1:00 Pere Ubu
  2. 2 The Modern Dance 1:00 Pere Ubu
  3. 3 Laughing 1:00 Pere Ubu
  4. 4 Street Waves 1:00 Pere Ubu
  5. 5 Chinese Radiation 1:00 Pere Ubu
  6. 6 Life Stinks 1:00 Pere Ubu
  7. 7 Real Worlds 1:00 Pere Ubu
  8. 8 Over The Heads 1:00 Pere Ubu
  9. 9 Sentimental Journey 1:00 Pere Ubu
  10. 10 Humor Me 1:00 Pere Ubu

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