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Soundtrack to the 1974 Italian-French horror film “Blood For Dracula” directed by the Andy Warhol affiliate, Paul Morrissey. Renamed for American audiences in 1975 as “Andy Warhol’s Dracula”, the film was produced by Warhol who worked alongside Andrew Braunsberg and Jean Yanne. This previously unreleased soundtrack was composed by the Italian musician Claudio Gizzi who is also known for the soundtracks to “What?” (1972) and “Flesh For Frankenstein” (1973). Put out on the Italian movie soundtrack specialist label, Dagored, it comes on red vinyl, hand-numbered to a limited edition of 1000 and features some beautiful string arrangements that are both haunting a joyous.

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  1. 1 Old Age Of Dracula 2:00 Claudio Gizzi
  2. 2 In The Cellars Of The Castle 0:55 Claudio Gizzi
  3. 3 Nostalgia 0:23 Claudio Gizzi
  4. 4 On The Journey To Italy 0:30 Claudio Gizzi
  5. 5 First Victim 0:27 Claudio Gizzi
  6. 6 On Journey Again 0:36 Claudio Gizzi
  7. 7 An Old Song 2:00 Claudio Gizzi
  8. 8 Dracula's Theme 0:30 Claudio Gizzi
  9. 9 More Blood 0:30 Claudio Gizzi
  10. 10 At The Inn 2:00 Claudio Gizzi
  11. 11 Memories Of Rumania 0:30 Claudio Gizzi
  12. 12 Dracula Is Unmasked! 1:00 Claudio Gizzi
  13. 13 A Regret 0:30 Claudio Gizzi
  14. 14 The Vampire Escapes 0:30 Claudio Gizzi
  15. 15 The Last Victim 0:30 Claudio Gizzi

Claudio Gizzi



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