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Xerrox Vol.3
Alva Noto
Xerrox Vol.3
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 2015

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Five years after the second part of his Xerrox series, raster-noton co-founder Carsten Nicolai returns with his third full-length of sampled samples as Alva Noto. Taking inspiration from films he watched in his childhood — such as Tarkovsky’s Solaris and La Isla Misteriosa y el Capitán Nemo, a mini-series based on Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island — he copies and alters his source material beyond recognition, creating distorted images of beautifully melodic, beatless soundscape. The deep, depth charge drones of opener ‘Atmosphere’ reflect the underwater expanse explored by Nemo’s submarine, as do the grandiose string harmonies of ‘Helm Transphaser’. After the solitary synth notes of ‘2ndevol’, ‘Radieuse’ and ‘2ndevol2nd’ transport us the futuristic cosmos, where Ertemyev’s arresting, galvanized influence can be really felt, evoking the foggy, sci-fi macrocosm of Solaris. In the revisiting and reprocessing of these early musical memories, Xerrox Vol 3 rests as Nicolai’s most personal works to date.

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  1. 1 Xerrox Atmosphere 1:23 Alva Noto
  2. 2 Xerrox Helm Transphaser 6:45 Alva Noto
  3. 3 Xerrox 2ndevol 3:44 Alva Noto
  4. 4 Xerrox Radieuse 6:00 Alva Noto
  5. 5 Xerrox 2ndevol2nd 5:05 Alva Noto
  6. 6 Xerrox Isola 8:07 Alva Noto
  7. 7 Verrox Solphaer 6:09 Alva Noto
  8. 8 Xerrox Mesosphere 5:55 Alva Noto
  9. 9 Xerrox Spark 6:10 Alva Noto
  10. 10 Xerrox Spiegel 3:33 Alva Noto
  11. 11 Xerrox Exosphere 3:48 Alva Noto

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