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Washington Phillips
Washington Phillips
Washington Phillips
Death Is Not The End
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August 2015
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True to their word, Death Is Not The End resurrect ten of Washington Phillips' 18 known recordings in fine fashion. Much like label contemporaries Trunk Records or Dead-Cert, they perform the noble job of ensuring gems of the past are given the new life and attention they deserve.

Recorded between 1927 and 1929, the rich, evocative tones of the Texan gospel singer echo loud and clear through the warm crackle of vintage recording equipment. Accompanied by an instrument that has been subject to much speculation - identified as everything from a Delceola, Celestaphone, Phonoharp or homemade instrument by Phillips himself (any guesses?), the record sways from deep, mournful calls to bright, joyful celebrations, all delivered with an unforgettable Texan twang. "What are they doing in heaven today? I don't know boy. But it's my business to stay here and sing about it," he proclaims. Thank the lord he did.

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  1. 1 Take Your Burden to the Lord 3:12 Washington Phillips Buy
  2. 2 I Had a Good Mother and Father 3:00 Washington Phillips Buy
  3. 3 Lift Him up Thats All 3:29 Washington Phillips Buy
  4. 4 Paul and Silas in Jail 2:39 Washington Phillips Buy
  5. 5 You Cant Stop a Tattler 2:47 Washington Phillips Buy
  6. 6 What Are They Doing in Heaven Today 3:17 Washington Phillips Buy
  7. 7 I Was Born to Preach the Gospel 3:07 Washington Phillips Buy
  8. 8 Mothers Last Word to Her Daughter 2:53 Washington Phillips Buy
  9. 9 Mothers Last Word to Her Son 2:50 Washington Phillips Buy
  10. 10 Train Your Child 1:59 Washington Phillips Buy

Death Is Not The End

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