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Peace In The Valley
Various Artists
Peace In The Valley
Death Is Not The End
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 2015

Death Is Not The End are an excellent label who update the field work practices of people like Alan Lomax for the current-day demand for reissues and archival recordings. This latest release from the imprint sees them fronting a selection of early ‘60s tapes from guitarist and singer Rev. Lonnie Farris. Peace In The Valley contains fifteen examples of Farris’ unique brand of slide-guitar gospelism. Farris’ powerful, quivering tenor lends real authority to his songs of salvation. A gem.

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  1. 1 Walk To Thee 3:08 Various Artists
  2. 2 Golden Street 2:43 Various Artists
  3. 3 His Love   Various Artists
  4. 4 The Holy Spirit   Various Artists
  5. 5 Peace In The Valley   Various Artists
  6. 6 What Mother Can Do   Various Artists
  7. 7 Walk Around   Various Artists
  8. 8 A Closer Walk To Thee   Various Artists
  9. 9 In Your Kingdom   Various Artists
  10. 10 Wondering Child Mother Is Dead   Various Artists
  11. 11 I'm So Happy And The Lord Saved Me   Various Artists
  12. 12 They Are Ringing Them Bells   Various Artists
  13. 13 A Night At The House Of Prayer   Various Artists
  14. 14 Soldiers Of The Cross   Various Artists
  15. 15 It's A Blessing To Call His Name   Various Artists
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