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Influential Norwegian ambient musician Geir Jenssen operates under his cherished Biosphere alias for a powerful collaborative release with fellow countryman and respected producer / studio engineer Helge Sten (Deathprod). Going as far back as 1998, the artists joined up for a selection of experimental reworks sourced from the Norwegian classical composer Arne Nordheim; here the pair coalesce original productions for an omnipotent outing.

The piece draws its name and inspiration from the engineering term Stator, referencing a stationary part in a rotary device, a concept fully expressed in the densely weighted state of stasis each of the pieces exist in. Jenssen’s constructions tread dark, somber terrain, brewing up minimalistic rhythms from clinical micro detailing embedded into a lo-fidelity, ambient fog; for example the merging of textures on ‘Muses-C’ or brooding apprehension of ‘Space Is Fizzy’. Spliced in-between, Deathprod focuses on more opaque statements, equally rich in texture yet emotionally more intense than his contemporary, as seen on the frigid melancholia of ‘Disc’ or the strong, Arctic wind drones on ‘Optical’ that close a powerful and at times overwhelming piece of work.

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  1. 1 Muses-C 6:53 Biosphere & Deathprod Buy
  2. 2 Shimmer/Flicker 5:35 Biosphere & Deathprod Buy
  3. 3 Baud 7:21 Biosphere & Deathprod Buy
  4. 4 Polychromatic 1:56 Biosphere & Deathprod Buy
  5. 5 Disc 3:16 Biosphere & Deathprod Buy
  6. 6 Space Is Fizzy 6:43 Biosphere & Deathprod Buy
  7. 7 Optical 10:14 Biosphere & Deathprod Buy


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