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Cut 4 Me (Deluxe)
Cut 4 Me (Deluxe)
Fade to Mind
Cat. No.
Release Date
April 2015
22 Tracks
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Kelela’s excellent 2013 mixtape Cut 4 Me receives the felicitous deluxe edition treatment and will be available on triple LP and CD for the very first time. Fade to Mind and Night Slugs regulars who produced the instrumentals on the debut release return to provide eight new unreleased remixes. The reworks include the work of newcomers such as MikeQ, Massacooramaan, Rizzla and Neana, along with the wizardry of Jam City who transforms the already catchy ‘Keep It Cool’ into a more accentuated, tidier hit with airy chords and deep sub features. Kingdom takes Nguzunguzu’s original production of Enemy and puts the spotlight on the fifth chord, filling up the lead synths harmony with the extra notes, highlighting the song’s grime-leaning beat.

CD Track List


  1. Guns & Synths
  2. Enemy
  3. Floor Show
  4. Do It Again
  5. Go All Night (Let Me Roll)
  6. Bank Head (Extended)
  7. Cut 4 Me
  8. Keep It Cool
  9. Send Me Out
  10. Go All Night (Let It Burn)
  11. Something Else
  12. A Lie
  13. Cherry Coffee


  1. Interlude
  2. Keep It Cool (Jam City Remix)
  3. Enemy (Kingdom Remix)
  4. Send Me Out (Girl Unit Remix)
  5. Send Me Out (Nguzunguzu Remix)
  6. Keep It Cool (Rizzla Remix)
  7. Cherry Coffee (MikeQ Almighty Remix)
  8. Go All Night (Neana Remix)
  9. Go All Night (Massacooramaan Remix)

Vinyl Track List


Side A

  1. Guns & Synths
  2. Enemy
  3. Floor Show
  4. Do It Again

Side B

  1. Go All Night (Let Me Roll)
  2. Bank Head (Extended)
  3. Cut 4 Me

Side C

  1. Keep It Cool
  2. Send Me Out
  3. Go All Night (Let It Burn)

Side D

  1. Something Else
  2. A Lie
  3. Cherry Coffee

Side E (Remix 12”)

  1. Interlude
  2. Keep It Cool (Jam City Remix)
  3. Enemy (Kingdom Remix)
  4. Send Me Out (Girl Unit Remix)
  5. Send Me Out (Nguzunguzu Remix)

Side F (Remix 12”)

  1. Keep It Cool (Rizzla Remix)
  2. Cherry Coffee (MikeQ Almighty Remix)
  3. Go All Night (Neana Remix)
  4. Go All Night (Massacooramaan Remix)
  1. 1 Guns & Synths (Prod. Bok Bok) 2:56 Kelela Buy…
  2. 2 Enemy (Prod. Nguzunguzu) 4:17 Kelela Buy…
  3. 3 Floor Show (Prod. Girl Unit) 4:38 Kelela Buy…
  4. 4 Do It Again (Prod. NA) 3:00 Kelela Buy…
  5. 5 Go All Night (Let Me Roll) (Prod. Morri$) 1:43 Kelela Buy…
  6. 6 Bank Head (Prod. Kingdom) - Extended 5:02 Kelela Buy…
  7. 7 Cut 4 Me (Prod. Kingdom) 3:53 Kelela Buy…
  8. 8 Keep It Cool (Prod. Jam City) 4:10 Kelela Buy…
  9. 9 Send Me Out (Prod. Kingdom) 4:12 Kelela Buy…
  10. 10 Go All Night (Let It Burn) (Prod. Morri$) 1:46 Kelela Buy…
  11. 11 Something Else (Prod. Nguzunguzu) 4:07 Kelela Buy…
  12. 12 A Lie (Prod. Bok Bok) 3:39 Kelela Buy…
  13. 13 Cherry Coffee (Prod. Jam City) 5:59 Kelela Buy…
  14. 14 Fade To Mind Interlude 1:00 Kelela Buy…
  15. 15 Keep It Cool (Jam City Remix) 4:07 Kelela Buy…
  16. 16 Enemy (Kingdom's Destruction Before Paradise Mix) 4:17 Kelela Buy…
  17. 17 Send Me Out (Girl Unit Mix) 5:04 Kelela Buy…
  18. 18 Send Me Out (Nguzunguzu Remix) 2:58 Kelela Buy…
  19. 19 Keep It Cool (Rizzla Remix) 4:24 Kelela Buy…
  20. 20 Cherry Coffee (MikeQ's Almighty Mix) 4:34 Kelela Buy…
  21. 21 Go All Night (Neana Remix) 4:23 Kelela Buy…
  22. 22 Go All Night (Massacooramaan Remix) 4:06 Kelela Buy…


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