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Devon Folklore Tapes Vol. II - Graves
Anworth Kirk / D.Orphan & The White Funz
Devon Folklore Tapes Vol. II - Graves
Folklore Tapes
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 2015
  • Vinyl, 2×LP

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    • Pressed on twin ten-inch vinyl
    • Includes a research Booklet & comes housed in manilla hand stamped & numbered gatefold paper sleeve designed by David Chatton-Barker
    • Includes a download code redeemable from the label
    • Made in an edition of 500 hand numbered copies

Folklore Tapes presents the second edition of their archival reissue series giving new life across a twin ten-inch vinyl pressing to the recordings that started the much cherished imprint. Graves is a nightly affair between one Anworth Kirk (aka Andy Votel of Finders Keepers Records) and Devon via Manchester folklore researcher D.Orphan & The White Funz. Originally released in 2012 in a tiny run of (30 or so?) cassettes housed within secret compartments hand-crafted from the pages of second-hand hardback books. Graves sets out the history of the last resting places of two of Devon's most elusive folklore ghosts with the first 10". Anworth Kirk picks up where his Pre-Cert LP's (a label he runs with fellow Northern musical time travelers Demdike Stare) left off with a completely unique piece of music that is unlike anything he has put any number of his pseudonyms to before. Tracing the life of Devon folklore legend Kitty Jay across twenty minuets of lost library sampledelia, far-flung folk, buried found sounds and fractured shacklecross electronics that have all been left by the side of the road quite like Kitty's grave to grow moss and disappear into the ether. The centre-piece of the recording is a unique spoken-word piece from Kirk perfectly detailing the perils and ghostly nocturnal wonderings of Kitty Jay through the misty hills of Devon. On the second LP we are treated to D.Orphan & The White Funz's tale of Squire Richard Cabell who, as legend has it, has a giant stone placed atop his grave with iron bars to seal his ghost inside, this eerie legend is perfectly translated through Orphan and the White Funz's kaleidoscopic, sometime claustrophobic, soundtrack of countryside ambience and rare beat library psyche, a unique musical view into the resting place of one of Devon's more evil characters. Another important artifact from this uniquely British label beautifully packaged with an accompanying research booklet to read while you listen and get lost in the past of Devon's rich Folklore history.

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  1. 1 Jay's Grave Pt.I 9:58 Anworth Kirk / D.Orphan & The White Funz
  2. 2 Jay's Grave Pt.II 10:05 Anworth Kirk / D.Orphan & The White Funz
  3. 3 Squire Richard Cabell & The Holy Trinity Church 14:18 Anworth Kirk / D.Orphan & The White Funz
  4. 4 Squire Richard Cabell & The Holy Trinity Church 13:54 Anworth Kirk / D.Orphan & The White Funz
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