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Dasha Rush
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March 2, 2015


Russian-born techno experimentalist Dasha Rush is knighted into the roster of conceptual innovators at Raster Noton in Chemnitz, East Germany. Following her debut on her own Fullpanda imprint in 2007 and her second album on its more experimental sub label Hunger To Create in 2009, her third full-length once again unfolds her interest in the interdisciplinary aspects of 20th century art. The minimalistic arrangements of ‘Sleepstep’ are spiked with poems (Edgar Poe being the obvious title reference) that within this context of micro sound collages feel more like bed-time stories. The nocturnal concept of the album succeeds in mimicking the erratic nature of dreams, juxtaposing quiet with rumbling, subtle arpeggios with sub-heavy constructions, and infusing fibrous drones with disintegrated threads of long-forgotten memories.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Intro - Space Privet for Cosmonauts 1:01 Buy

    Intro - Space Privet for Cosmonauts

  2. 2 Dance with Edgar Poe 2:55 Buy

    Dance with Edgar Poe

  3. 3 Time Whispers and Albert 4:18 Buy

    Time Whispers and Albert

  4. 4 Scratching your Surface (Revisited) 4:37 Buy

    Scratching your Surface (Revisited)

  5. 5 Sleep Ballade 4:10 Buy
  6. 6 Antares 4:06 Buy
  7. 7 Abandoned Beauties and Beasts 8:30 Buy

    Abandoned Beauties and Beasts

  8. 8 Lumiere avant Midi 8:20 Buy

    Lumiere avant Midi

  9. 9 Sail away to Her 4:27 Buy

    Sail away to Her

  10. 10 Lucy in the Sky, Lost Diamonds 3:20 Buy

    Lucy in the Sky, Lost Diamonds

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Dasha Rush


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