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ALIVE 1997/2007 Limited Edition Boxset
Daft Punk
ALIVE 1997/2007 Limited Edition Boxset
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 2014
  • Box Set 4×LP

    • Alive 2007 double LP in solid white 180g Heavyweight Vinyl.
    • Alive 2007 Bonus LP (completely white on both sides – no label). Face A “Human After All/Together/One More Time (cover)/Music Sounds Better With You” (without LP label), Face B etched Alive 2007 logo on a solid white vinyl.
    • 52 page Alive 2007 limited edition book
    • Alive 1997 LP silver 180g vinyl with stickers
    • Daft Punk logo slipmat
    • Alive 2007 VIP pass
    • DL card: Alive 2007 + Alive 1997 + bonus content - “Human After All/Together/One More Time (cover)/Music Sounds Better With You” + “Harder Better Faster Stronger” live video

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Daft Punk's Alive 1997 was a highly sought after CD, a 40-minute trip through their pummelling live show that year. Ten years later they had conquered the world with their mammoth pyramid light show. Now Virgin presents this similarly gargantuan box set, housing both sets on limited vinyl, along with a beautiful 52-page book documenting the latter tour. The music isn't bad either - the first tour set features 'Daftendirekt', 'Rollin' & Scratchin' and 'Alive', as well as incorporated Armand Van Helden's Ten Minutes Of Funk remix of 'Da Funk'. 'Around the World' and 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' come together fantastically on Alive 2007, while the bells that introduce 'One More Time' before 'Aerodynamic' is spliced in are simply magnificent. The Stardust meets Together encore was just the icing, and that is presented here on beautiful white vinyl.

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  1. 1 Alive 1997 pt. 1 1:04 Daft Punk
  2. 2 Alive 1997 pt. 2 1:03 Daft Punk
  3. 3 Robot Rock/Oh Yeah 1:30 Daft Punk
  4. 4 Touch It/ Technologic 1:30 Daft Punk
  5. 5 Television Rules The Nation/ Crescendolls 1:30 Daft Punk
  6. 6 Too Long/ Steam Machine 1:30 Daft Punk
  7. 7 Around The World/Harder Better Faster Stronger 1:30 Daft Punk
  8. 8 Burnin/ Too Long 1:30 Daft Punk
  9. 9 Face To Face/ Short Circuit 1:30 Daft Punk
  10. 10 One More Time/ Aerodynamic 1:30 Daft Punk
  11. 11 Aerodynamic Beats/ Forget About The World (Feat. Gabrielle) 1:30 Daft Punk
  12. 12 Prime Time Of Your Life/Brainwasher/Rollin & Scratchin/Alive 1:30 Daft Punk
  13. 13 Da Funk/Daftendirekt 1:30 Daft Punk
  14. 14 Superheroes/Human After All/ Rock N Roll 1:30 Daft Punk

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