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Unknown Memory
Yung Lean
Unknown Memory
Catalogue Number
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December 2014
  • Vinyl 1×LP Pre-order $26.49
    • Pressed on translucent magenta coloured vinyl

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  • Vinyl 1×LP Out of stock
    • Released on Hippo In Tanks

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Yung Lean, aka Swedish teen upstart Jonatan Leandoer Hastad, drops his debut full-length, moving from his own Sad Boys Entertainment label to Hippos In Tanks for this vinyl release. More than just a curiosity, Unknown Memory features the languid, lazy flow and emo-rap vocals of this young rapper alongside emo-trap beats that shake and snap but hint at delicacy rather than aggression. Electronic horns fall against the muted trap of standout Yoshi City, which is bolstered by his emotive cries that he's a "lonely cloud".

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  1. 1 Blommor (Intro) 1:33 Yung Lean
  2. 2 Blinded 2:00 Yung Lean
  3. 3 Sunrise Angel 2:00 Yung Lean
  4. 4 Yoshi City 2:00 Yung Lean
  5. 5 Ice Cold Smoke 1:41 Yung Lean
  6. 6 Dog Walk (Intermission) 1:06 Yung Lean
  7. 7 Don't Go 2:00 Yung Lean
  8. 8 Ghosttown 2:00 Yung Lean
  9. 9 Monster 2:00 Yung Lean
  10. 10 Volt 2:00 Yung Lean
  11. 11 Leanworld 2:00 Yung Lean
  12. 12 Sandman 2:00 Yung Lean
  13. 13 Helt Ensam 2:00 Yung Lean

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