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Jon Hopkins
Immunity (Special Edition)
Domino Recording Co
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Release Date
November 10, 2014

There aren’t many albums around that take club music as their starting point then manage to mould something with a real narrative arc to it. Jon Hopkins has been releasing albums since 2001 – including one collaborative effort with Brian Eno – and on ‘Immunity’ he creates perhaps his most fired up release, sending listeners hurtling down a bristling dance-floor wormhole.

Like the emotional journey of an epic night out perhaps, it's filled with dizzy highs and moments of fragility alike. 'Immunity' is an album brooding with pumped up aggression, but also soulful melancholy, a record that is both raw and punchy but also delicate and finely wrought. The record kicks into gear with the raucous "Open Eye Signal" and plunges forward in a state of driving energy and frazzled, noisy, tension. As the album develops though, we hear the bravado dissolving, tenderness and reflective ambience taking its place. It's skilful work. A great release of tough, machine tooled music made with real soul backing it up from start to end.

This special edition includes the Asleep Versions EP stripped from a live recording taken in Iceland in February 2014. Whilst standout pieces from Immunity such as ‘Open Eye Signal’ and ‘Form By Firelight’ do feature, here they have been recalibrated into a 25-minute continuous journey of sleep-inducing textures, gradually building to reach a more enlightening headspace.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 We Disappear 4:50 Buy
  2. 2 Open Eye Signal 7:48 Buy

    Open Eye Signal

  3. 3 Breathe This Air 5:29 Buy

    Breathe This Air

  4. 4 Collider 9:21 Buy
  5. 5 Abandon Window 4:57 Buy

    Abandon Window

  6. 6 Form By Firelight 5:45 Buy

    Form By Firelight

  7. 7 Sun Harmonics 11:54 Buy
  8. 8 Immunity 9:56 Buy
  9. 9 Immunity (with King Creosote) 6:23 Buy

    Immunity (with King Creosote)

  10. 10 Form By Firelight (with Raphaelle Standell) 4:14 Buy

    Form By Firelight (with Raphaelle Standell)

  11. 11 Breathe This Air (Asleep version) 3:13 Buy

    Breathe This Air (Asleep version)

  12. 12 Open Eye Signal (Asleep version) 11:02 Buy

    Open Eye Signal (Asleep version)

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