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Dao Bandon
Kon Kee Lang Kwai
Em Records
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November 6, 2014


EM Records present an utterly beguiling retrospective as part of their Thai music series. In conjunction with Paradise Bangkok and Soi 48, they have put together Kon Kee Lang Kwai, a collection of songs from unsung 1970s legend Dao Bandon. Bandon, who was born into a poor family in a farming region and became a monk in his teens, sings with great fervour of sex, love, drugs and poverty in the luk thung genre of Thai pop. Not just for fans of "world" music, this should appeal to anyone with a taste for 70s groove.

  1. 1 Kon Keen Lang Keai (Man On A Water Buffalo 1:01
  2. 2 Num Lam Nam Chi (Man From River Chi) 1:01
  3. 3 Rak Nong Kon Diew (I Love Only You) 1:01
  4. 4 Bong Ja Bong (Pipe, Oh Pipe) 1:01
  5. 5 Nat Wan Kin Yaa Dong (Yaa Dong Day) 1:01
  6. 6 Lam Plearn Kiew Sao (Courting Lam Plearn) 1:01
  7. 7 Lam Plearn Jaroen Jai (Uplifting Lam Plearn) 1:01
  8. 8 Sanya Na Nao (Promise For The Dry Season) 1:01
  9. 9 Lork Pi Chut (Deceive Me Completely) 1:01
  10. 10 Ya Sading (Don''t Br Loose) 1:01
  11. 11 Ya Ting King (Don''t Stop) 1:01
  12. 12 Lam Kiew Sao Lam Noi (Courting Lam Girl Lam) 1:01

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