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Various Artists
The Italian New Wave
Bleep / Club To Club
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October 30, 2014

Club to Club festival in Italy is fast becoming a pivotal force in the exposure and celebration of Italian electronic talent. To celebrate this year’s event in Turin, Bleep have teamed up with Club to Club to bring you this exclusively priced and selected cluster of cuts from the largely overlooked European minefield. From the industrial crunch of Stump Valley’s Section V to the ambient clatter of U N D O Oobe. This is a celebration of 8 artists who vary in notoriety but all prove that Italy and Club to Club deserve your attention.

  1. 1 Kokoromiru Haf Haf 3:41
  2. 2 Wood Liquid Primitive Art 5:07
  3. 3 All The Future I Can Endure Bienoise 10:06
  4. 4 Section V Stump Valley 7:40
  5. 5 Iboga Ninos du brasil (Fortuni & Vascellari) 3:06
  6. 6 Lo Stupore Delle Noite Vaghe Stelle 2:42
  7. 7 Fomo Drop Dave Saved 3:06
  8. 8 U N D O Oobe 4:38
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