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Butterfly Effect
Shinichi Atobe
Butterfly Effect
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October 2014
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Japanese producer Shinichi Atobe wrote his name into dub techno folklore with one of the most lauded releases on Basic Channel’s sub label Chain Reaction with the 2001 Ship Scope EP. His complete disappearance since has fueled rumors that it was the work of another producer working under a different guise, however after a recent trip to Japan, Demdike Stare track down the elusive producer for a surprise release of archived material on their own self-titled label. The opening ambient haze of ‘Free Access Zone 1’ sets the engulfing tone perfectly; yet it's the warm dub chords of title cut ‘Butterfly Effect’ that picks up the pensive mood left over from the Ship Scope EP, carving out a deep, meditative groove and topping it with minute SND-esque glitch features. ‘Waste Land 1’ and ‘Waste Land 2’ act as more of a sonic snap shots, whilst the sunny piano flourishes of ‘Free Access Zone 2’ and reduced FXHE-styled Detroit groove of ‘Free Zone Access Zone 5’ exhibit an unexpected housier side to this intriguing producer.

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  1. 1 Free Access Zone 1 3:28 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  2. 2 Butterfly Effect 11:52 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  3. 3 Free Access Zone 3 2:14 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  4. 4 Bonus Break 4:35 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  5. 5 Waste Land 1 6:08 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  6. 6 Waste Land 2 3:20 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  7. 7 Free Access Zone 2 9:18 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  8. 8 Free Access Zone 4 1:26 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  9. 9 Free Access Zone 5 5:06 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  10. 10 Free Access Zone 6 2:56 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  11. 11 Free Access Zone 7 4:53 Shinichi Atobe Buy
  12. 12 Free Access Zone 8 2:58 Shinichi Atobe Buy

Shinichi Atobe


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