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Brian Eno
Nerve Net (Expanded Edition)
All Saints Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
1 grudnia 2014

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Brian Eno abandons his trademark ambient explorations in favour of more idiosyncratic electronic experiments on 1992’s Nerve Net, available once again courtesy of All Saints Records. While nothing here has perhaps quite the bite of comparable offerings past (like David Byrne collaboration My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts), Eno still presents an interesting sonic vision. Funky instrumentals like opener ‘Fractal Zoom’ and ‘Ali Click’ were certainly novel in Eno’s oeuvre, as was the piano-led noir piece ‘Disturbed Being’. For fans, there are characteristically unclassifiable constructions like ‘My Squelchy Life’ and the extended ‘Web (Lascaux Mix’).

Vinyl tracklist:

Side A

A1. Fractal Zoom
A2. Wire Shock
A3. What Actually Happened?

Side B

B1. Pierre In Mist
B2. My Squelchy Life
B3. Juju Space Jazz
B4. The Roil, The Choke

Side C

C1. Ali Click
C2. Distributed Being
C3. Web

Side D

D1. Web (Lascaux Mix)
D2. Decentre

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Fractal Zoom 6:27 Kup
  2. 2 Wire Shock 5:29 Kup
  3. 3 What Actually Happened? 4:43 Kup

    What Actually Happened?

  4. 4 Pierre In Mist 3:49 Kup
  5. 5 My Squelchy Life 4:03 Kup
  6. 6 Juju Space Jazz 4:28 Kup
  7. 7 The Roil, The Choke 5:02 Kup
  8. 8 Ali Click 4:14 Kup
  9. 9 Disturbed Being 6:11 Kup
  10. 10 Web 6:23 Kup
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Brian Eno

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Brian Eno

All Saints Records

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