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Evaluated: An Album of Remixes
Evaluated: An Album of Remixes
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September 2014
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From Desire Records comes the companion album to TSTI’s well-received 2013 debut Evaluations. S. Smith, the New York-based producer behind the dystopian pop project, assembles a small army of capable remixers to reshape his tracks. The galloping synth-melodies of ‘In Loving Memory’ are reworked into menacing techno by DOIST!, warm electronica by Castratii, and given a spacious dubbing by VYGR. Elsewhere, French producer Museum stretches out the edgy dancefloor vibes of ‘Because You Told Me To’, and the heartfelt ‘Acquaintance’ is stripped to the bone by Germany’s DSX.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Love & Truth (A Remix by Synth Alien) 6:00 TSTI Buy
  2. 2 Because You Told Me To (A Remix by Museum) 5:05 TSTI Buy
  3. 3 Queen of Swoons (A Remix by Soft Riot) 5:38 TSTI Buy
  4. 4 Match to Friendship (A Remix by Roladex) 3:58 TSTI Buy
  5. 5 Acquaintance (A Remix by DSX) 5:07 TSTI Buy
  6. 6 In Loving Memory (A Remix by DOIST!) 5:58 TSTI Buy
  7. 7 This Damage Is Magic (A Remix by Phosphor) 3:29 TSTI Buy
  8. 8 Pull the Animals Teeth Out (A Remix by XIU) 3:26 TSTI Buy
  9. 9 In Loving Memory (A Remix by Castratii) 6:39 TSTI Buy
  10. 10 Love and Truth (A Remix by Heinrich Dressel) 5:55 TSTI Buy
  11. 11 In Loving Memory (A Remix by Pleasure Curses) 4:04 TSTI Buy
  12. 12 Love & Truth (A Remix by Spatial Relation) 4:01 TSTI Buy
  13. 13 In Loving Memory (A Remix by VyGR) 5:40 TSTI Buy
  14. 14 Acquaintance (A Remix by Dylan God) 7:57 TSTI Buy



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