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Various Artists
The Remix Album, Pt. 1
Screwloose Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 17, 2012

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Akira (Document One Remix) Koan Sound 4:37 Buy

    Akira (Document One Remix)

  2. 2 Jumpsuit Adventures (Culprate Remix) Koan Sound 5:05 Buy

    Jumpsuit Adventures (Culprate Remix)

  3. 3 Desperados (LoKo Remix) Teknian 4:05 Buy

    Desperados (LoKo Remix)

  4. 4 Jumpsuit Adventues (Southbound Hangers Remix) Koan Sound 4:35 Buy

    Jumpsuit Adventues (Southbound Hangers Remix)

  5. 5 Akira (N3gus Remix) Koan Sound 4:05 Buy

    Akira (N3gus Remix)

  6. 6 Lost (Kasket Remix) Teknian 5:09 Buy

    Lost (Kasket Remix)

  7. 7 Mind over Matter (Sinister Souls Remix) Statix 4:44 Buy

    Mind over Matter (Sinister Souls Remix)

  8. 8 Desperados (Zanetic Remix) Teknian 5:05 Buy

    Desperados (Zanetic Remix)

  9. 9 Mind over Matter (LoKo Remix) Statix 4:14 Buy

    Mind over Matter (LoKo Remix)

  10. 10 Akira (Balkansky Remix) Koan Sound 5:02 Buy

    Akira (Balkansky Remix)

  11. 11 True Dedication (Teknian Remix) Zanetic 4:08 Buy

    True Dedication (Teknian Remix)

  12. 12 Raw Tones (Koan Sound & Asa Remix) Gatekeeper 6:22 Buy

    Raw Tones (Koan Sound & Asa Remix)

  13. 13 Keep Rising (Koan Sound Remix) LoKo 6:16 Buy

    Keep Rising (Koan Sound Remix)

  14. 14 Neon Black (Teknian Remix) Zanetic 4:18 Buy

    Neon Black (Teknian Remix)

Screwloose Records

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