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Nitrogen Narcosis
Scuba Death
Nitrogen Narcosis
Further Records
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September 2014
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Ever-impressive Further records release a short album from Scuba death, aptly entitled Nitrogen Narcosis. Armed with a load of analogue gear, Scuba Death, aka Boston synth man Ricardo Donoso does his best to immerse the listener into the scary, hidden depths of the ocean. It's a thrilling ride and there is a clearly marked journey as the depth gauge plummets and the effects of pressure take their toll.

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  1. 1 Receptor Antagonist 5:48 Scuba Death Buy
  2. 2 50-70 meters 2:22 Scuba Death Buy
  3. 3 Nociception 8:39 Scuba Death Buy
  4. 4 Helium Tremors 6:40 Scuba Death Buy
  5. 5 90 meters 1:06 Scuba Death Buy
  6. 6 Rapture of the Deep 9:59 Scuba Death Buy

Scuba Death

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